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Undoubtedly global warming and its impacts is one of the most serious problems that have faced humanity.

This site is dedicated to “climate change stamps”. We believe and strongly suggest that one can use them as an educational tool in:
* Primary - secondary education
* Media

For this work we refer “climate change stamps” those stamps that directly address the issue of global warming

•International Cooperation(Conferences)
or stamps that introduce mitigate actions such as:

•Renewable energies
•Save energy

Using stamps for this purpose can have certain advantages:

* In today’s “visual world”, stamps exploit efficiently the power of picture.

* They are very commonly used in every day’s life.
* The big number of countries that have issued such stamps clearly shows the global character of the problem.
* Some of these countries will be directly affected by “enhanced greenhouse effect” impacts and this has an increased pedagogical value.
* One can deliver the message about global warming by using postage stamps from all over the world since stamps are a language-free resource.

This site is complementary of the study that was presented at the
7th EMS Annual Meeting and 8th European Conference on Applied Climatology
Amsterdam 29/9-03/10/ 2008

the presentation (a part of) is here :

this site was created (2008) and is maintained by:
Panos Giannopoulos pgiannop1(at)
Meteorologist (M.Sc.)-Forecaster (Greek National Meteorological Centre/ Greek National Met. Service HNMS

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